1. IP Camera Integrators. Consider Batch Processing for Big Savings.

    Are you a security camera and systems integrator? Do you know what the terms IP, DNS, Gateway, Domain, Port Forwarding or POE mean? Are you comfortable configuring routers or networks at an end users location? Don’t feel bad if you’re not. You’re certainly not alone. The technical side of low voltage projects can be overwhelming especially in a world that is moving fast toward IoT (Internet of things) and cloud based solutions. Customers want solutions and they want them fast. They have been trained in the modern world of news feeds where answers come with the flick of wrist.

    The current contractor workforce is suffering from a lack of skilled labor despite there being no shortage of people. Two key contributors to this issue are the retirement of aging skilled contractors and a drop in the number of apprenticeships being sought. Statistically, 50% of today’s contractor labor force is considered skilled, but this is expected to decline to less than 35% by 2020. When it comes t

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  2. YESCO Pittsburgh - Now Open

    YESCO Pittsburgh - Now Open

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  3. YESCO Youngstown - St. Pat's Smart Home Counter Day

    YESCO Youngstown - St. Pat's Smart Home Counter Day


    Stop in to our Youngstown branch THIS FRIDAY 3/15 to check out the latest and greatest in smart home technology!

    And of course...there will be food!!

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  4. Eaton Plug-On Neutral Breakers now Available

    Eaton Plug-On Neutral Breakers now Available

    Eaton’s BR and CH plug-on neutral (PON) portfolio is the latest step in the evolution of Eaton’s line of residential loadcenters and circuit breakers. Redesigned with customer feedback in mind, the plug-on neutral loadcenter and breaker offering is built to improve the safety and ease of installation, while reducing installation time and offering a more professional look and feel.

    Features & benefits

    The enhancements made to the plug-on neutral offering help ensure a quick, easy, and clean installation. Every new feature integrated into the redesign addresses one or more of these three benefits – quick, easy, and clean. Some of the new features include: • Short-body redesign of BR electronic breakers to optimize gutter space and save time with easier, more succinct installation • LED diagnostic standard on BR electronic breakers for faster troubleshooting • Inboard neutral to increase gutter space for easier installation of conductors • Backed-out neutral screws to all

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